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Why Choose a Modular House Extension over a Traditional Build - Modular Homes Made Bespoke By Us

The taking away of the previous red tape associated with extensions could be motivating you to buy an extension of some sort, more than likely a Single Storey Rear Modular House Extension.

A Modular House Extension, is largely built inside a factory to enable it to be assembled and installed quickly on site.

It’s the expediency with which a modular extension can be fitted at a home that makes it appealing – we’re talking about it being complete inside a few days because most of the manufacturing is one of site, leaving less mess on site, and less time on site of tireless workmen invading your privacy for months on end.

A Modular House Extension by DIY Modular House Extensions, is a great idea, If you want to customise elements of your extension as the design can be bespoke built and even added to at a later date.

Modular extensions are fully conformed to UK Building Control and Certificated and inspected exactly the same way a traditional build is built.

We have hundreds of builds Nationwide as we believe nothing prides itself more than the work itself. Here at DIY Modular House Extensions our Modular House Extension Clients are more than willing to show you our work in person and provide a testimonial.

Contact us today for a free quotation by return, all we need is the size in metres width and projection.



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