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Innovated Bespoke Modular Extensions Built to your Specifications

Updated: Feb 12, 2023


A new way to extend your home the smarter way with our modular house extensions from DIY modular house extensions, diy modular house extension is a fast and unique system that changes the way we build, there is less stress and mess on site - no need to be digging far into the ground to start your foundations as we use a pad and beam foundation system.

Our modular house extensions are remade in our dedicated unit off site, which reduces the time needed on site reducing workman and mess on site, this ensures that residential and commercial customers both benefit from saving money and time, our modular house extensions are made to order and are bespoke designed, an end to end service. We build partition walls in modular house extensions creating multiple rooms if required.

Our DIY modular house extensions have over 20 years experience in the building industry, we are competitively prices against traditional house extensions, but we save both time and money and mess, our modular house extensions will change your way of life.

For a free quotation for your modular house extension or house extension, kitchen extension, garden room, or more, please contact us today at or email us at

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