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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

DIY Modular House Extension has experienced a significant growth in demand in Offsite Modular Structurally House Extensions for -built garden rooms and home offices and additional living space.

The increase in demand from installation partners comes as homeowners look to reduce commuting and spend less time in offices due to the pandemic and changing work patterns.

“Over the last decade, the growth in the market for garden rooms and home office extensions and home single storey rear house extensions has risen steadily, driven pre-Covid by increasing consumer interest in extended living space and a desire for home working by those seeking a more balanced lifestyle.

“This year, however, is like no other, as people are currently required to work from home where possible. This means much less time is spent commuting to the office, and much more time with families, causing people generally to re-evaluate their lives.

“As a result, we are seeing a sharp increase in demand from our supply chain partners as people are choosing modular build extensions. Homeowners are attracted by the speed of installation, their flexibility in their use and design – and because they are extremely thermally efficient, as well as being great value.

Research published in recent years confirms that there are significant savings in time and money to be made by commuters. According to a Lloyds Bank survey in 2019, the average British worker spent 492 days of their lives travelling into work – or around 10 days per year.

The financial benefits of travelling less are considerable too. As an example, the price of a first-class annual season ticket from Bristol to London costs nearly £15,000.00

The average modular house extension costs from £25,000.00 demonstrating that consumers can recoup the cost very quickly by investing in a garden room or house extension or home office extension and continue to benefit for years to come. A typical garden room also increases the value of a home by around 5% - annexes or house extensions often a lot more.

Furthermore, many businesses are supporting their employees financially to install home office extensions, and tax benefits are available. Each of these factors are making the garden room or home office an attractive financial option.

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